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Offline marketing...still an important basis for customer acquisition

There are still companies that use small promotional gifts, such as pens, lighters or calendars, to highlight their company name, products and services in order to attract new customers or remind existing customers of a firm or business.

These days it is significantly less than a few decades ago (thanks to Facebook & Co, or not), but these gestures from companies are still attractive. And above all, they still serve the purpose for which they exist today.

They bring new clients and customers and raise awareness of your company name and reputation.

Ballpoint pens and lighters have had their day as promotional gifts?

 Not even close. Promotional items such as giveaways, medium-priced promotional gifts? These items in particular are always ready to hand out somewhere. Found in the kitchen, on the bistro table in the café around the corner, here and there. And a company name or logo stays in your memory. 

There are many theories, we have solutions. And colorful T-shirts for young and old are always a hit.

We order promotional items nationally and internationally. One reason is price, the other is quality.

Your company logo - Something that must be recognizable.

You and our team combine ideas, necessity. The logo should reflect your company, your products or services, but in many cases also include a hint about your geographical location. More information is available from us...

What we can create for you in the area of ​​offline-marketing...

  • Your own company logo in all sizes required for online and offline marketing. (Included in web design)

  • Business cards, flyers, stickers, calendars, t-shirts and other clothing items, flags, lighters and much more.
  • Advertisements and editorial reports in print media.
  • Local advertising, for example posters and perimeter advertising.
  • Radio and TV advertising.
  • Dispatch of advertising brochures and information letters.
  • Direct contact, for example at trade fairs and exhibitions, but also with your customers or guests.

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